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by Robert and Rachel Millman

Line in the Street tells the story of citizens, activists, and legislators as they fight for Redistricting Reform at Pennsylvania's State Capitol.

Compelling and Enthralling, the film spotlights a groundbreaking redistricting lawsuit arguing that state legislators have violated their own states constitution.

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We are a bipartisan group of PhD candidates, mathematicians, political operatives, experts, and concerned citizens that work together to make district lines fair and representative.

We inform and educate so that you can make the most fact-based decisions when it comes to drawing lines in your district.

We associate to discuss the most up to date strategies and technology in the field of Redistricting.

The Redistrict Network is committed to the edification and advancement of Redistricting and Redistricting professionals. We welcome anyone interested in the art of districting, reapportionment, and public boundary revision. Our areas of focus include but are not limited to administrative, medical, political, school and electoral boundary lines. Our organization works toward making the process more efficient and effective while also addressing many of the moral and ethical concerns associated with practice. Finally, we highlight many of the actions you can take to implement best practices and influence redistricting!

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We appreciate all donations big or small. All funds go to advancing Redistricting professionals and the Redistricting field. It takes a village!
Goal: $10,000.00
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